"What Adam does is like seriously incredible. It's a game-changer in people's lives for the better. He mentally and emotionally saves people..."

A. Matthews

Discover Personal Freedom

Understand your emotions & feel free

Break down mental constructs and behavioural patterns that are holding you back and rebuild your identity to discover the aliveness of personal freedom.

Have more intimacy & connection in life

Learn the tools to govern your emotions to be able to navigate your relationships and show up as a better partner while at the same time not losing your essence.

Feel deeply confident in your place in the world

Gain confidence to be yourself in all areas of your life. Learn to be able to hold healthy boundaries and express yourself with a feeling of true authenticity.

About Adam

Adam Slawson is passionate about being an enabler of collaboration in the world by helping people to learn to respond to situations in life as opposed to reacting to them. He believes the catalyst for this transformation lies in people earning a deep understanding of vulnerability and their emotions.

He founded Plight Club to encourage the conversation around this and, with over 22 years of experience, he now coaches those who’d like to take the reins of their lives in realising their potential and finding personal freedom. He brings healing and growth through his ability to translate his in-depth understanding of the energy of our emotions and his embodied knowledge of Eastern disciplines. He believes the ability to express our authentic selves confidently, in turn, collaborate effectively is awakened through unlearning our conditioning and balancing the energies that flow in each individual and that this is the route to truly addressing some of the major problems in society as a whole.